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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Construction Sector Update on April 1st

Construction sector was in downtrend mode following below the downtrend line and now testing the support ..

1) Downtrend line
2) Lower low and lower high ( Bearish)
3) MACD - FOrmed 4R1G ( Bullish - could be an early sign to rebound to break above the downtrend line)
4) RSI - Below 30% ( Bearish)
5) STO - Bull and Bear are clashing and need to wait for another few days to confirm

Entry Price - Break above 260
Support at 253,248 and 240
Resistance at 263 and 268

GAMUDA, MRCB and MUHIBAH are starting to peak up..  Could this be related with the GE?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DRBHICOM - Technical Rebound or a Dead Cat Bounce ( Bear Trap)

Based on TA, this counter look like it is rebound but the main question is it a Technical Rebound or a Dead Cat Bounce ( Bear Trap)

1) Downtrend
2) Pattern - Descending Triangle Forming.  If pattern formed by breaking below 2.47, it might hit the target at 1.68.. ( Wow that is the price of 2011!!)
3) MACD - Formed 3R1G ( not that strong indicator but please monitor)
4) RSI - Uturn towards 30%. Breaking it will formed a bullish run
5) Sto - Both are kissing and if tomorrow it goes up possible Bullish Crossover will be formed and might break the 20% ..

THIS IS A RISKY TRADE.. Please be Cautious

Entry Price - 2.65
Support at 2.55 and 2.47
Take Profit at 2.87 and 3.03

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CBIP riding the bolinger band

This counter is riding the Bollinger band and rising up to the next resistance at 2.65

One of the good Fundamental stock uprising quitely..

1) Trend = Uptrend
2) From high low ( Bullish)
3) MACD - Bullish crossover ( bullish)
4) RSI - broke above 50% Bullish
5) Sto - Broke above 50% bullish

Entry price 2.53
Take profit at 2.65 and 2.8
Stop loss at 2.46 and 2.28

Refer to the fair value given by RHB/Edge is about RM 3


Monday, March 26, 2012

CBIP formed higher low

One of the good Fundamental stock uprising quitely..

1) Trend = Uptrend
2) From high low ( Bullish)
3) MACD - Bullish crossover ( bullish)
4) RSI - broke above 50% Bullish
5) Sto - Broke above 50% bullish

Entry price 2.53
Take profit at 2.65 and 2.8
Stop loss at 2.46 and 2.28

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mudajaya testing support line

Hope that everybody profit from this counter at the previous buy call at 2.95 :) and those who miss it, there is a second chance for this counter

1) Uptrend mode - Testing the uptrend line and if break below the uptrend line/ support line which is at 2.95 then we might see a reverse effect to retrace bearishly
2) Higher high and now waiting for the higher low confirmation
3) MACD - Bearish Crossover and waiting for the 4R1G signal to go in.
4) RSI - Retracing and formed a lower high ( Bearish)
5) STO - Bearish and broke below 50%

Previous Call
Entry Price at 3.1
Stop loss at 3
Take Profit at 3.32

New Call
Entry Price at 3.
Stop loss at 3
Take Profit at 3.28

KIMLUN still in bullish

KIMLUN still in bullish despite overall construction sector pulling down


1) Uptrend
2) MACD- Still in bullish
3) RSI - Broke above 70%
4) Sto - Formed Bullish crossover and testing 80% range

Entry Price at 1.6 and above ( at the closing price)
Take Profit - 1.69 and 1.8
Stop loss at 1.56

Construction Sector Update on Mar 25

Let review the Construction Sector for this week..

1) Downtrend Line - Hit Downtrend line and retrace further ( Bearish)
2) Formed lower low - Bearish
3) MACD - Still in bearish mode and touching the 0 Level
4) RSI - Retracing from 50% and formed lower high ( Bearish)
5) Sto - Still in bearish mode

The construction sector is testing it support at 258, further breaking below it show bearish signs for overall construction sector.

Entry price - 264
Support at 258 and 253
Resistance at 268 and 273

Overall all the top counters are retracing except KIMLUN which are showing a strong bullish sign forming a higher high.

Friday, March 16, 2012

No posting for 1 week

Dear investor, i will be going off for 1 week and happy trading.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

KPJ potential to break all high

2) Testing the all high resistance at 5.03
3) MACD - Bullish Crossover
4) RSI - Testing 70%
5) Sto - Bullish crossover and broke the 80%

Entry Price at 5.08 (Closing Price)
Take Profit at 5.33 and 5.55
Stop loss at 4.95

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WCT acquires Property

WCT is acquiring some company which is possible good news . WCT NEWS

1) Candlestick - Matching Low - Potential rebound
2) RSI, STO - Bearish
3) MACD - 4 red and if tomorrow goes up it will probably at 4R1G signal

Entry price -  Break above 2.66 ( Closing price) , if safer go for 2.71
Stop loss at 2.61
Take Profit at 2.79 and 2.9

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WCT retracing and waiting for next oppurtinity

WCT is retracing toward the next support at 2.51.

Entry price -  Break above 2.66 ( Closing price) , if safer go for 2.71
Stop loss at 2.61
Take Profit at 2.79 and 2.9

SRIDGE reversal fail

The window gap between 0.27 and 0.29 was too strong. It tried to pierce through but unfortunately it retreat back and now retracing. If break 0.25 , next support at 0.24 and 0.225

MUDAJAYA - Flying up up and away

This counter successfully broke the 3.08 resistance.

New support line at 3.08 and new resistance at 3.32

DRBHICOM Retracing after dividen

DRBHICOM is retracing after dividen ex date.

Support line at 2.63 and 2.47

Entry if there is a rebound at the end of the trading day above 2.75

KIMLUN uprising

KIMLUN has won many new projects and it keep upgrading it book orders with project for a few years which is pretty good new for investor like us.

1) Still in uptrend
2) High low formed at 1.485 and need to break the 1.69 higher high resistance to continue uptrend
3) MACD - Both line are kissing and if today goes up it will form a bullish crossover
4) RSI - Broke above 50%
5) Sto - Broke above 50%

Entry Price at 1.6 and above ( at the closing price)
Take Profit - 1.69
Stop loss at 1.56

Monday, March 12, 2012

NICORP Testing the new resistance

Broke from the pennant formation and going up and tested the resistance line at 0.73

1) MACD - Bullish Crossover ( Bullish)
2) RSI - Broke above 70% ( Bullish)
3) Sto - Broke above 80% ( BUllish)

If maintain above 0.73
Next resistance at 0.915 and target at 1.18 ( Pennant Formation)

Finance Sector Breakdown

Finance broke below the uptrend line and testing the support at 14018. Beware

Sunday, March 11, 2012


1) Testing the upper Bollinger Band 3.02 and rebound back to to 2.98, ( Bearish)

2) MACD - Still green and awaiting for Bullish Crossover
3) RSI - Hovering above 50%
4) Sto - Broke above 50% and still bullish crossover

Entry at 2.9
Stop loss at 2.8
Take Profit at 3.08 and 3.32

Entry Price at 3.1
Stop loss at 3
Take Profit at 3.32

Construction Sector

Going to test the 20D ma at 265.4

1) MACD - Still bullish
2) RSI - Still bullish
3) Sto - Still Bullish

Rebound and went back to the 264 and test the 20D ma at 265.4, If break above it there is a possible of another bullish run.

Stop loss at 258 and 252
Take Profit at 268 and 274


Back to the Tech Sector where the performance chart show that this is one of the counter which rebound

1) Retrace back from the Gap window ( 0.27 ~0.29). If break above it  will eliminate the window ..
2) MACD - 4R3G Bullish
3) RSI - Broke Above 30% Bullish
4) Sto - Bullish Crossover and broke above 20% Bullish)

Entry Price 0.31
Take Profit 0.333 and 0.36
Stop loss at 0.29

This counter is a bit risky as it is a cheap stock whether the Stop loss n Profit is very tight with big margin.. So beware investor..

Technology Sector Potential bullish reversal

1) Hammer Detected - Bullish Reversal
2) MACD - Many green and waiting for bullish crossover
3) RSI - broke above 30% bullish
4) STO - awaiting for bullish crossover

Still sector may have chance for bullish reversal

Entry price at 16.95
Stop loss at 16.55
Take profit at 17.3 (2%) and 18.05 (6.4 %)

A few top counter/ top volume which are the counters to be monitored,

1) Unisem
2) SRIdge ( going up)
3) RA
7) JCY
8) MPI

Finance Sector

1) Overall Finance Sector broke the uptrend line and it is going to a downtrend or consolidate between 14194 and 14018.
 2) Volume starts to decrease
3) MACD - 4G2R and Bearish Crossover detected
4) RSI - At overbought and broke below the 70% ( Bearish)
5) Sto - Bearish Crossover and broke below 80% ( Bearish)

Entry Price - 14196
Stop loss - 14018
Take Profit - 14308

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mudajaya still on the bull run

This counter is rock solid. During the KLSE down, this counter still can maintain steadily and this counter is strong in its FA too.

1)  MACD - 4G and going for bullish crossover
2) RSI - above 50 % ( Bullish)
3) STO - Broke above 50% ( Bullish)
4) VOlume distribution = High buying Pressure ( Bullish)

Remember to take some profit at 3.08 and 3.32
Next Entry Price at 3.1
Stop loss at 2.89

MUHIBAH - Downtrend after lower high detected

With good news from Dow Jones and positive KLSE index today but this counter could not move up.. Something is wrong with htis counter

1) Downtrend line ( Bearish)
2) Lower high  (Bearish)
3) MACD - 4G2R ( Bearish)
4) RSI - Starting to reverse from 50 % ( Bearish)
5) Sto - Bearish Crossover and go below 50% ( Bearish)

Those who are holding this counter better beware

Stop Loss at 1.29
Entry - 1.43  ( If reversal)
Take Profit at 1.55

NICORP (NAIM) - Many small fishes got caught

Heard some many people that many Uncles and Aunties got caught in this sure win counter.. Some rumors mention that this counter can go up to RM 1..

Those who did not go in at RM0.61 , our next safe entry which was mention yesterday was 0.73...

For those who bought at RM0.61, which places the stop loss lower about 0.58.. During the early stage, small investor took profit ( and why it is called take profit and not people selling down?)

Take Profit - Price Goes down along with decreasing volume
Selldown - Price Goes down with high volume..

Those who are risk takers normally will buy up this counter when the volume starts to become null/zero and buy probably around 0.64.. Then you noticed there was a surge up with high volume up to 0.715 then volume starts to decrease. Without enough volume to support the price it will eventually drop with the Candle Stick ( Three inside down)

Then you can see, this counter is going for a down trend with lower low and low high as it try to rebound but not able to break the previous high at 0.715, 0.705 , 0.69, 0.675, 0.665 and lastly it broke the support line at 0.64.

So my fellow readers, always be cautious when trading at Goreng / Chow stock..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NICORP (NAIM) - Only for those who dare during downtrend

This is only for daring investor who love to invest for thrill and big profit ( Goreng Goreng in Malaysia Language or Chow in Cantonese)., This counter was informed by the Chartnexus Forum at 12.30 whereby it mention that this counter in a buy at 0.61

1) Broke the pennant formation and bull upward with super volume ( Bullish)
2) Candle Stick - Bullish Engulfing ( Bullish)
3)RSI broke above 50% ( Bullish)
4) Sro Broke above 50% ( BUllish)
5) VOlume distribution - Huge Buying Pressure ( Bullish)

ENtry Price = 0.73
Take Profit = 0.915 , 1.18 and 1.24 (Pennant signal)
Stop loss = 0.67 ( Please be cautious about this stock at this is a GORENG STOCK)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mudajaya on the big Bull..

1) Gapping up with undetermined top
2) MACD still green and bullish
3) RSI broke above 50%
4) Sto broke above 20%

DRBHICOM potentially in trouble Part 2

By Demand, i believe many investor are on this boat and grasping whatever they can hold as the boat is waving here and there on a strong tide..

1) Shooting Star accompany with a black top .. ( Bearish) - Refer to this link SHooting Star
2) MACD - Still green and kissing ( Undetermined)
3) RSI - Hovering below 50%( Undetermined)
4) Broke above 50% ( Bullish)
5) Volume Distribution - Selling Pressure is high.. ( Bearish)

New Trailing Stop loss at 2.7
  Take Profit 2.87 and 3.03

Monday, March 5, 2012

DRBHICOM potentially in trouble

Form Doji Star - ( Bearish Sign with high volume)
MACD - 4G and watchout for tomorrow If red it is going to be a roller coaster ride
RSI - Hovering below 50% and no strength to breakthrough
Sto - Touching the 50% ( Not Confirmed)
Volume Distribution - Selling Pressure high-- Worried!!

Remember to previous ESP.. Remember to take 50% profit on the Take Profit declared to safeguard your profit... Cash is King!!

Entry Price at 2.66
Stop loss at 2.47
Take Profit 2.87 and 3.03

MUDAJAYA still on the Go for Big Bullish

This counter is quite promising among the Construction Sector

Closed above the 20d Ma resistance ( Bullish) with high volume
MACD - 4R2G ( Good continuation of bullish attack)
Sto - Bullish Crossover ( Bullish)
RSI - Broke above 50% ( Bullish)
Volume Distribution - Strong Buying Pressure ( Bullish)

Entry at 2.9
Stop loss at 2.8
Take Profit at 3.08 and 3.32

Dont Miss great oppurtinity 

WCT Formed 4R1G for MACD

Let watch this for another few more days closely.

1) BB squeeze and waiting for breakout
2) Macd - 4R1G ( Bullish) and waiting for bullish candle for the continuation confirmation
3) Sto - Bullish Crossover ( Bullish)
4) RSI - Still hovering above 30 and waiting for confirmation
5) Volume Distribution - Not confirmed as well distributed

Entry Price 2.71
Stop Lose at 2.62
Take Profit at 2.79 and 2.9


Continue to monitor this counter and the volume it back which means the investor are looking into this counter and something is happen..

Trendline - Still Uptrend and waiting for the Higher low to appear
MACD - Awaiting 4R1G to happen
RSI- Bounce from 30% and heading to 50%. If break above which show a clear bullish attack
Sto- The blue line is touching the red line which could lead a bullish crossover

Volume - There is a high spike of buying up on Thursday and Friday. Something is happening and it could be the insider and banking are starting to collect it before it actually starting booming up bullishly

Entry Price 2.71
Stop Lose at 2.62
Take Profit at 2.79 and 2.9

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Trendline - Uptrend
MACD - 4R1G ( Bullish)
RSI - Broke above 50% ( Bullish)
Stoc - About to form bullish crossover

Volume Distribution - Buying Pressure is high ( Bullish)

Entry at 2.9
Stop loss at 2.8
Take Profit at 3.08 and 3.32

Construction Sector

Construction Sector seem to be starting to turning tides and the Bull started to charge up..

1) Trendline- Uptrend
2) Having Higher high and waiting for higher low to confirm uptred
3) MACD - 4r1G
4) RSI - touching the 30%
5) Sto - Starting to bullish crossover
6) Waiting for the volume to break the VMA

Within a couple of days, if further bull upward construction sectors are worth to watch and get some benefit from it .
Few well known counter from Construction are
1) Mudajaya
2) WCT
3) Gamuda
4) Binapuri
5) Fajar
6) IJM

Muhibah, Jetson and Zelan starting to bull

Mudajaya (Starting to bull)
MRCB (Starting to bull)
WCT (Starting to bull)