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Thursday, March 8, 2012

NICORP (NAIM) - Many small fishes got caught

Heard some many people that many Uncles and Aunties got caught in this sure win counter.. Some rumors mention that this counter can go up to RM 1..

Those who did not go in at RM0.61 , our next safe entry which was mention yesterday was 0.73...

For those who bought at RM0.61, which places the stop loss lower about 0.58.. During the early stage, small investor took profit ( and why it is called take profit and not people selling down?)

Take Profit - Price Goes down along with decreasing volume
Selldown - Price Goes down with high volume..

Those who are risk takers normally will buy up this counter when the volume starts to become null/zero and buy probably around 0.64.. Then you noticed there was a surge up with high volume up to 0.715 then volume starts to decrease. Without enough volume to support the price it will eventually drop with the Candle Stick ( Three inside down)

Then you can see, this counter is going for a down trend with lower low and low high as it try to rebound but not able to break the previous high at 0.715, 0.705 , 0.69, 0.675, 0.665 and lastly it broke the support line at 0.64.

So my fellow readers, always be cautious when trading at Goreng / Chow stock..

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