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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kimlun formed higher low

1) Uptrend
2) Higher low - Bullish
3) MACD- 4R1G (Bullish reversal)
4) RSI - If break above 50% then will indicate bullish
5) Sto - If rebound toward 50% hen will indicate bullish

Entry Price at 1.6 and above ( at the closing price)
Take Profit - 1.69 and 1.8 ( Best to sell 1 or 2 cents before the take profit)
Stop loss at 1.56


  1. Chart on that one looks great! Just need to make sure the Euro doesn't explode and destroy us all.

  2. For those who thinks that they will miss out on Felda global ipo not to worry...There is another proxy on getting the easy ride up on FGVH. KPF did not participate in FGVH listing.A special vehicle would be set up to hold 40% of Felda GLOBAL shares on behalf of KPF. A most likely candidate that will be the shareholder of the special purpose vehicle can be in the form of PUNCAK NIAGA..we ll see the unfolding of this story so as far as I am concern PUNCAK will be a good buy until the listing maybe will retest 2.05 again by JUNE..Gud luck