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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dow Jones on 4 October

1) Trendline - downtrend- (Bearish)
2) Formed lower low  - (Bearish)
3) MACD -Bullish Crossover (Bullish)
4) RSI - Broke above 30% (Bullish) -
5) Sto - Formed Bullish Crossover and broke above 20% (Bullish)
6) ADX - high momentum and Bearish( Bearish)
7) Candle Stick -Dark Cloud (Bearish)
8) Global Factor - German Support Yes for Greece Bailout ( Bullish)
9) USA GDP - 1.3% meet expectation ( Bullish)


      5 Points

Winner Bear ( Throw down wrestling style)

Greece Factor again!!

Winner BULL

WIth good news, let hope Dow Jones will take this opportunity to break the previous high to form higher high to show a strong bull trend

Entry Price 11560
Resistance at 11706 and 11884
Support a 11015,10931 and 10690


  1. Perdana is retesting 64.5 level..Dayang confirm to take stake in Perdana..But at what price?Chances are Perdana might retest 75 cent resistance level..Spsetia-wb is still in myhead

  2. FAber HSS consession which is due expire end of the month most likely will be extending by government due to khazanah involvement in IHH hospital.Volume pick up since yesterday if able to sustain 1.36 and break 1.50 we are looking for double digit return on gaber in a week. Spsetia-wb still on my mind