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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Supermax update on Oct 12

The Mother of all Glove ( Topglove have rebound beautifully and let hope Supermax will follow them)

1) Trendline - Uptrend- (Bullish)
2) Formed higher low  - (Bullish)
3) MACD -Bullish because blue above the red (Bullish). Awaiting for 4R1G for extra boost
4) RSI -  Cut above 70% (Bullish) -
5) Sto - Waiting for for Bullish Crossover if white candle again tomorrow (Undetermined)
6) ADX - high momentum and bullish ( Bullish)
7) Candle Stick -White candle after Inverted Hammer (Bullish)
8 Volume Distribution - Higher Buying Pressure ( Bullish) 


      7 Points

Winner BULL

Entry Price 2.97
Resistance at 3.23 and 3.5
Support a 2.71

1 comment:

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