Google Ad Choice

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Thank you Google Adsense for your contribution and hope that my blog will continue to support Google Adsense in promoting better Advertisment and Links for Google Adsense and to our Readers on all the valuable ads for FOREX, OPTION Trading and Stock Picks Advertisment for our reader to use..

This month July Performance.

Readers Versus People who are interested in the Advertisment ( By Countries)

1) Malaysia
2) Singapore
3) USA
4) Hong Kong ( Suprisingly why they visit my blog but i did not pose any Hong Kong Stock only but Malaysia ( KLSE) and USA ( Dow Jones)

Those who are interested in the Advertisment.
1) Malaysia
2) USA
3) Hong Kong
4) Thailand
5) Singapore ( They are the 2nd top reader but they are least to be interested in the Advertisment)
6) Indonesia ( Wow suprising)

Let hope i can focus more on the USA Market to get more US reader which have a bigger population and the stock in USA are lesser to be manipulated and it tally quite well with the Technical Analysis


  1. so nice.. wish my adsense was never banned :P

  2. Ken, Maybe you are too famous and it will be costly for Google to add you.. If they added you , you will easily earn 10K rm per month based on your visitor amount hehe.

  3. yeah great! hoho I also got banned already LOL, earn a few dollars years back but didn't hav time to claim, I think thats why they banned me LOL