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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dow Jones Still in Bullish Mode

Dow Jones still in uptrend due to good performance result by few big shot like Apple, IBM , Google and many other counter but the big question will this survived the big decisive outcome on the Debt Ceiling on 2 August. Will this be a turning point of next recession or super bull?

1) Trendline - Uptrend( Bullish)
2) Formed higher low on the 20d MA support- Bullish
3) MACD -Uptrend( Bullish)
4) RSI - Retracing from 70% ( Bearish)
5) Sto -  formed bullish crossover and above 70% (Bullish) but becareful if it retrace below 70%
6) ADX - strong momentum and bullish
7) Candle Stick -Bearish Harami ( Bearish) . It is testing the market support whether it will continue to bull or bear.
2 Points

       5 Points


Winner BULL

Entry Price 12800
Take Profit  at 12893 and 13131
Support at 12568
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