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Monday, September 19, 2011

CIMB - Technical Sell ( 4G1R MACD ) detected

1) Trendline - downtrend- (Bearish)
2) Formed lower low  - (Bearish)
3) MACD -4G1R(Bearish) and time to RUN!!!
4) RSI - Broke below 30% Bearish) -
5) Sto - Formed Bearish Crossover and broke below 20% (Bearish)
6) ADX - high momentum and Bearish( Bearish)
7) Candle Stick - 3 Strong Black Crow (Bearish)


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Winner Bear ( Throw down wrestling style)

KLSE crashing down which normally proportional with CIMB price. The Bad market sentiment is really tearing the fundamental blue chips apart and causing a massive distress to the KLSE index.
Entry Price 7.3
Resistance at 7.63
Support a 6.82 and 6.54
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