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Saturday, February 19, 2011

KLSE will it formed lower high or higher high?

Yesterday KLSE close slightly higher at 1517.56 ( 18 Feb) with lower volume at 1.5B. Will KLSE formed a higher higher above the previous high at 1544?

1) Trend Line - Broke the short term downtrend line - (Bullish)
2) HH - Formed lower high at 1494 ( Bearish)
3) Candlestick - Formed a harami attack on 14 Feb ( Potential Bullish Reversal)
4) MACD - Green Histrogram going up.. and awaiting for 0 Crossover and Signal Crossover ( Awaiting for confirmation)
5) RSI - Broke the 30% on 16 Feb ( Bullish)
6) ADX - Good momentum but bearish

Support - 1509 (S1) and 1493 (S2)
Resistance - 1521 (R1) and 1531(R2)

If form Higher high and with MACD have crossover. This will indicate the start of Extreme Bull Run

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