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Friday, February 25, 2011

Will Dow Jones Rebound Tonight and continue the uptrend

Everybody is striving for an answer will our economy head for another recession (Double Dip)... My asnwer is do not panic and let monitor longer ..

1) Trendline - Still Uptrend ( Bullish) and formed a support hammer over the Uptrend Line.. Let monitor whether it will break lower or rebound..
2) HH - Formed higher high at 12389 and retrace ( Bullish)
3) MACD - Formed a bearish crossover ( Bearish) and let wait for a 4r1G for a bullish reversal
4) RSI - Broke below 70% and now at 50%.. If break below Bearish and rebound again bullish reversal
5) ADX - Momentum strong and bearish
6) Candle stick = Bullish Hammer

If rebound then continue to bull but if break below 11817 ( Bearish - Downtrend)

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