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Sunday, February 13, 2011

O/G Laggard Alam

1) Trend Line - Sideways  ( Bull and Bear Fighting)
2) HH - Closed at 1.11 and it rebound it will close as higher low ( Undetermined)
3) MACD - Waiting for 4R1G for entry.. If tomorrow close above 1.18 it will be Bullish but now it is temporary bearish (Bearish)
4) RSI - Pushing upwards and waiting to break 50% ( Slightly Bullish)
5) ADX - Momentum Good and Bullish

There was a strong Black Candle from 1.24 towards 1.12 and with Harami closes above 1.18 it will be a beginning of Extreme Bull run with MACD 4R1G and RSI abovee 50%

Entry Price -  1.15  ( Risky)
                     1.18  ( Safe)

Stop Loss -    1.08

Take Profit - 1.25(R1) and 1.3(R2) Short Term
                     1.5 (R3) long term

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