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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trading Sideline - BJCORP

Broke the downtrend line and now going sideways and now currently the Bear and Bull are fighting to decide whether bull or bear in next week. Guess who will win and who will lose??

Answer : Winner VT and Loser Retail investor

1) Trendline - Sideway Trend line
2) MACD - 4R1G ( potential bullish) and waiting for bullish crossover
3) RSI - Oversold at 12.5% and wait for 30% breakout for Bullish attack
4) ADX - Momentum poor at 24 ( Sideway trend) and bearish

We need to wait before going in this

Entry Price - 1.15 with high volume at 8.8M
Stop Loss - 1.0 ( Better run away if hit below this)
Taking Profit - 1.28


  1. hmmmmm...
    VT's shares always go its way...

    hopefully BULL!!!

  2. Actually i only interested if it is able to profit from this counter but this is highly manipulated stock.

    So must treat this counter with high caution.. Do not take this counter easily