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Monday, June 20, 2011

AMMB positive up.. Could be another RHB..

Wah AMMB very suspense... Could it be another stock like RHB to shoot up 30% high? Let review on the analyze for this counter..

1) Trendline - Uptrend Bullish
2) Formed higher high- Bullish
3) MACD - 4R1G (Slightly Bullish) and awaiting for Bullish Crossover
4) RSI - Testing 50% and penetrating that will be bullish too
5) Sto - Bullish crossover and broke the 50% ( Bullish)
6) ADX - weak momentum and bullish crossover

If tomorrow break the resistance with positive indicator for MACD and RSI it will be positively good

Entry Price 6.56
Resistance at 6.7 &7.17
Support at 6.48

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  1. Hi edwin, may i know why am scrolling in your page, it will just hanging all the way?

    Any way thanks for all this information u r providing.

  2. Well just wait for the webpage to load .. Too many posting liao i guess or trying using mozilla. I have no problem in accessing..