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Friday, June 17, 2011

Earning Money by Google Ads

Well as what other people normally say, more money the better and money always not enough. So i had an idea last year and thought of writing a blog to document all my charting so that i can view it anytime from any where. Good place to store all your analyze in a website for free :)

One more good thing about blog that we can earn money from ads such as Google Ads, Nuffnang, Adverts, Adbrite and many more. Well that is cool for me cause this blog give me 2 benefits thumbs up..

How you can earn money from Advertisement in blo.

1) Google Adsense
Just register and get this account and place the advertisement in your banner and side view. Once a visitor came to your blog and interested or curious about the advertisement shown in the blog, they will click and open the link. Each click from a unique id ( Meaning if 1 person multiple click for 100x, you would not earn 100 clicks that is cheating). Well i believe Google Adsense have figure out this method of full proof ..

Where is the Google Ads and how it works?
 For Example, if visitor visit your blog and interested in the ads, they will click and open it which you will earn 1 click and you can put in your banner, side view and between post


 Side view

Performance ,
Yesterday i had 909 visitor visit me and 12 people click on my google ads and i was able to earn USD 4.22 in one day when i was working in my office. Wow great side income right!!

1 day = USD 4 and in 1 month you may have USD120 = RM360... Fantastic side income

2) I register a local Ads too ( Nuffnang with many free events and movie tickets to be warn)

And how you earn your income, easy as placing your Nuffnang ads at Banner and Side VIews but the income is slightly lesser until you are one of the top tiers of Nuffnang list and they will offer Big Earning Ads to your blog and there is where you will earn a lot of money. So please be patient in writing your blog and hopefully you will be VIP list like  Isaac Tan (win many free tickets and join many nice events).


Lastly, besides this sometimes selected companies who are interested in your blog popularity and they might place their advertisement by duration based contract

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