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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Stock in June 22 Updated

1) Sunway - Formed Higher Low and let wait for MACD 4R1G for another bullish round ( Uptrend)

2) Mitra -  -  Retrace towards support at 2.52 and let hop in again once it rebound with MACD 4R1G ( Uptrend)

3) Seacera - Formed higher low but going to side ways ( Boring!!)  - Thrown Out..

4) Tchong - Dividen Play pattern - Potential 28% - Broke the Resistance at 4.68 and going upwards. 28% here is come baby... ( SUPER BULL) ( Uptrend)

5)Huatlai - Formed higher low and MACD 4R1G  time to ride again and let hope it will break the 1.97 Resistance  ( Uptrend)

6) Airasia - Hit the resistance at 3.22 from 2.97 ( more than 5% profit good enough) but fail to go up further from Bull Flag..Now saturating and resting at 3.15 waiting for MACD 4R1G ( Wait for Signal)

7)MHB - Formed higher higher and break new high again ake a breather and let wait for another round but cut loss at 8.13 but if rebound go collect more ( 2nd Chances with discount)

8)Green Packet- Broke the resistance at 0.85 with high volume yesterday but rested at 0.85. Waiting for this to go up and make 0.85 as support.( Uptrend)

9) PBBANK - Dividen Rush and testing the 13.22 resistance which is somewhere July ( Wait for Signal)

 10) DRBHICOM - Broke up from symmetrical and failed the next 3 consecutive days. Support at 2.15 ( Wait for Signal)

11) Lion Ind - Broke the 1.63 support and went up based on rumour of Foreign Investment ( SUPER BULL) ( Uptrend)

12) YTLPOWER- Broke the 2.22 and next target is 2.25  ( Uptrend) 

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