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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hap Seng Symmetrical Breakout

This buy call have to really thank of the forumer gave us some hints about this counter and after analyze it is seems it is forming a symmetrical triangle yesterday.. Do not believe check out the post in our forum yesterday.

1) Trendline - Uptrend( Bullish)
2) Formed higher high- ( Bullish)
3) MACD -Formed 4R1G last friday and have kiss of life too ( Bullish )
4) RSI -Rebound from 30%(  Bullish)
5) Sto - formed bullish crossover and rebound from 20% (Bullish )
6) ADX - Weak momentum and bullish
7) Candle Stick - White Candle(Bullish.)
8) Chart Pattern - Symmetrical Triangle breakout ( Bullish)
9) Volume Distribution - Selling Pressure is more due take profit  (Bearish)

1 Points

       8 Points


Winner BULL

Symmetrical Breakout and need to ensure continuous buying pressure have tomorrow if not the breakout might fail.
Entry Price 5.25
Resistance 5.44, 5.625 , 5.8 and 5.97 ( Breakout target)
Support 5.18 if fail the breakout

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