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Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear Cho Kim

I notice that this counter having bollinger squeeze or triangle consolidate for a while. I wonder is this a good buy? What is the entry point, stop loss & profit taking for UEMLand?  EDWIN EXTREME FORUM

Let me give some light about UEMLAND..

Look like UEMLAND survive the Descending Triangle and if broken below the strong support at 2.64 it may plunge and free fall target at 1.91 but it broke upwards instead.. As you have mention about BB squeeze, it is commonly required more than  3 weeks minimum to be a good BB breakout but just monitor it ..

1) Trend Line - Uptrend  maintain above the line ( Bullish)
2) HH - Formed Higher low on top on the line ( Bullish)
3) MACD -  4R1G signal on Friday but since US drop which cause the uptrend to be stalled. Let wait for bullish crossover
4) RSI - Broke below 50% and bearish..
5) Sto - Bearish Crossover and heading toward 20% Bearish but let wait for a rebound above 20%
5) ADX - Strong Momentum and bullish
6) Candlestick- Form a weak hammer on the line

Entry Price - 2.87 with high volume above 16000 lots
Stop Loss 2.8
Take Profit = 2.93 (R1) and 3.02 (R2)

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