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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GPACKET formed a shooting star

Today we were enthusiastic  in the morning when it shot to 0.89 with high volume but it was not able to sustain and retrace down .

1) Trendline - Uptrend Bullish
2) Formed higher high- Bullish
3) MACD - Bearish Crossover ( Bearish) and let hope for a 4R1G soon for bullish reversal
4) RSI -Retracing toward 70%  ( Undetermined and need to know on the next day whether rebound or penetrate through it)
5) Sto - Broke below 80% with bearish crossover ( bearish)
6) ADX - Strong momentum and momentum ( Super BULL)
7) Candle Stick  Shooting star (bearish reversal) .
8) Volume Distribution - High buying pressure with high volume ( Bullish) but someone is pushing it down in the last hour..

  3 Points

          4 Points


Winner BULL

There is a shooting star which is a strong indicator of bearish reversal and let aim to cut loss if it goes lower that 0.8

Entry Price 0.85 above 10K lots ( REACHED)
Resistance at 0.94  & 0.99
Support at 0.80 and 0.75 ( recommend by CP TEH based on the Peak Volume, thanks CP TEH )

Daily Buy Call in Forum..  (Do not forget to view here for daily Stock Picks)

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