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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AZRB has this stock stop retracing and time to go up?

Look at this property counter. It seem it has stop diving and start to join the the bullish gang. Come one and join the party..

1) Trendline - Downtrend ( Bearish)
2) Formed higher low- ( Bullish) and need to confirm with higher high
3) MACD -Formed 4R1G and formed bullish crossover ( Bullish )
4) RSI -Rebound from 50%(  Bullish)
5) Sto - formed bullish crossover and rebound from 20% (Bullish )
6) ADX - weak momentum and kissing ( Undetermined)
7) Candle Stick - Bullish Engulfing(Bullish.)
8) Volume Distribution - Buying Pressure is more good  but watchout somebody is selling in big lots (Bullish)

1 Points

      6 Points


Winner BULL

Let wait for it to formed higher high for confirmation
Entry Price 0.84
 Resistance 0.88 and 0.93 ( Breaut target)
Support 0.8

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