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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alam - Waiting for the Train Operator to move it

I believe everybody read this blog will know what i am talking about Alam..

1) Trend Line - Below the Trend Line  but catching it up again. Going above 1.2 will show it is super bull again
2) HH - Fooling around with support line at 1.12 and manage to rebound up to 1.15 ( Next Resistance)
3) MACD - Finally showing a small green bar ( 4R1G signal) a new beginning of Bull RUn
4) RSI - Now at 58% and waiting it rebound and show a bull run
5) ADX - Momentum slightly good at 27 points and bullish

Conclusion Price
Entry Price - 1.15 and above
Stop loss - 1.1
Take Profit -  1.25 and 1.5

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