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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KLSE still plunging when will it stop bleeding?

Sure now everybody wondering why global going up and KLSE still have not stop bleeding. No one knows the answer..

1) Trendline - Going down following the trend line with a big black candle -16.5 points
2) HL - Heading towards the previous higher low at 1509 and will it rebound at the 50d moving average at 1522
3) MACD - Bearish
4) RSI - now at 37% reaching to oversold. Hopefully within 2 -3 days it will probably rebound back at 30%
5) ADX- Momentum high with bearish signal

Entry Price at 1355 and do not go in if below this amount because we are waiting for KLSE to rebound either at 50d Ma at 1522 or before the higher low at 1509

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