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Friday, January 14, 2011

My 2011 Portfolio

Sold my Kencana-CC - sold at 0.58 700lots. Sadly why i did not sell at the peak or abouve 0.64 when Kencana shot up to 0.96.

Greedy Factor take place and is where i need to train my mental and emotion to sell once reach our targets

Based on the chart yesterday our Resistance was at 2.89 and 2.97. If there is any reversal we should take profit at least 50% and if goes lower and sell the other 50% but if it goes up we can gain extra profit from it.

Now with the black candle in place, we can expect high chances this counter will take further profit taking and let try to accumulate more and lower portion 2.64 and 2.5 because for long term this will be a profit sector and counter but we need to make profit most out of it by buying when it goes up and then take profit when it goes down.


  1. owh...feel sorry to know that u din let go above 0.60++....but seriously, i feel taking profit is much much more harder than cut loss....Mayb because of men are born greedy?

    Anyway, cheer up for the RM3.5k profit! Grats~ :D

  2. Well life needs to go on. As we investor this is the hardest emotional thing that we need to understand and control so that i can aim for my 10% profit monthly