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Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is one of the main indexes that we need to monitor for Asia Pacific Region because this index is one big big massive index with a lot of billions of USD trading in there. If China goes down, all Asia will accompany him..

Lets review the SSE index this week.

1) Downtrend - Still following the downtrend line
2) Lower High - Create a new Lower High at 2837 and hit the downtrend line and goes down again
3) MACD - Down and below 0 which reflecting downtrend
4) RSI - Down at 44.3% and monitor until 30% and hope for a major rebound or reversal
5) ADX Signal - At 23.6 showing low momentum downtrend and that this index will probably move sideways
6) Major Support at 200D support at 2769 and Support line of 2762. If further break our next support will be at 2722..

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