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Saturday, January 22, 2011

MAA - Auto insurances.. nice..

Here is a request from SKY1809 from

Any charting on MAA, something could be cooking there.

This post has been edited by SKY 1809: Today, 05:01 PM

1) Trend line - Above the uptrend line and if closing above 0.91 high chance of big bull run until 1.18 next resistance
2) HH - Higher low at 0.84 compare to previous higher low at 0.805
   3) MACD- Bullish
   4) RSI - Rebound from 70% Bullish
    5) ADX - HIgh momentum at 58 points with bearish signal

This counter is a good counter to watch
Entry price at 0.91
Cut loss at 0.84
TP price at 1.18

In addition, there is a rumour that Prudential or AIA wants to takeover this company but this rumours has not been confirmed yet. Well wise man say buy on rumours, sell on news hehe

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