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Friday, January 14, 2011


This stock is under the potential Bull Flag Breakout which is very good for punters like us to gain extra fast money within days but it is not guaranteed

This Bull Flag Breakout only will happen
1) Reach to 1.82
2) High Volume above 20Klots by end of the day or 10K lots before 11am

Once the criteria are met, high chances this counter will Extreme Bull Run until 2.38 before we take full profit at about 20 % WoW!!!

Lastly this bull flag we need to ensure that the recent sell down was only due to small investor taking profit and not the big investor ( WHITE SHARKS aka sharks who love to chews small investor - IKAN BILIS or anchovies like us!!). refer to the Volume distribution for that few days

The sell down quantity is below than 150K per transcation which is still save.

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