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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watchout Alam..

This is the moment to watch this kind of counter closely.... This is the time either to exit or entry which is very crucial

1) Trend line - Retracing towards the uptrend line which is the most crucial point.
Entry if rebound and close above 1.14
Cut loss or take profit if broke throught the uptrend line at 1.08
2) Retracing near toward to the previous higher low at 1.05 and if rebound as mention above it will be another bull run
3) MACD - Bearish and retracing. Wait for 4R1G for reversal indication
4) RSI - Broke the 70% and retracing
5) ADX - Slight momentum currently at 26 and showing bearish signal retracing.

Conclusion, hold and cut loss if broke below 1.08 or accumulate if reverse and close above 1.14 and with 4R1G MACD signal

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