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Saturday, January 22, 2011

KLSE still bearish..

What happen to CNY rally? All waiting to this Rally for extra Ang Pow Money but instead now we gave the our ang pow money to KLSE .. Hmm wait minute this is not right!! What happen.. Let look into our KLSE trend

As mention before in my previous post that KLSE will retracing since it hit the Resistance Line at 1576 and goes down which is practically normal.

1) Support Line - 1st Support at the 20ma at 1549 and 2nd support at 1531
2) MACD -  Bearish Signal and waiting for the 4R1G signal to start accumulating more if have strong rebound at 1549
3) RSI - Bearish Signal Cutting below 70%
4) ADX - Volume momentum is still healthy but with bearish signal.

Wait for Monday on the actual signal whether to profit taking or accumulate more because there is high potential to have more downtrend. Will Boleh Land prevail against all odds to provide us a bigger ANG POW money!! Watch next update on Monday..

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