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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why all Oil and Gas sector Slacking - Dayang

Another counter testing the uptrend line
1) Uptrend line -Almost penetrating the uptrend line- now is between life and death... Arghh..
2) HH - Retrace and if reversal now it will be another bull run but if break below 2.96 better take profit and wait for reversal at 2.86 support
3)  MACD - Kissing but dont know whether kiss of life or death. Wait for tomorrow confirmation
4) RSI - Broke below 70% showing bearish
5) ADX - Volume momentum low potential move sideways until ADX hit above 25

Conclusion, basically wait for tomorrow confirmation before going in. If reverse up it will be good to accumulate but if break below the trend line and below 2.96 better take some profit

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