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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ann joo Fail rebound

I was thinking Ann Joo will rebound and gain back my losses but i was dreaming Zzzzz. With KLSE sentiment bad it drag Ann Joo further down..

1) Trend Line - Confirmed form a downtrend line after black candle today
2) LL - Tested the 20d ma and retracing toward the previous higher low
3) MACD - The red line cut the blue line showing bearish
4) RSI - Down toward 50% bearish
5) ADX - High momentum with bearish signal

Wait for rebound at 20d ma and if further bearish and break the 20ma better stop loss and wait for second round at 2.8 but if tomorrow it goes up above 3 then there will be change to go back uptrend.

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