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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BIMB continue sky diving

(Bila Ini Mau Balik) Atas..

Look at this counter. Walaoo!!! Never want to go up and sky diving down again??

1) Trend Line - Following downtrend and skydiving ..................BOOM
2) HH - Reaching to previous higher low and 50d MA at 1.38 ( DANGER) watchout... If rebound ok but it go down again this will be a nuclear bomb (KABOOM!!)
3) MACD = Bearish with higher red histrogram - No good
4) RSI - Super duper discount at 5.5% OMG!!!! Very very oversold like SUPER DUPER BEAR!
5) ADX - Still at 33 and bearish

Please hold any attempts to buy this counter eventhough super cheap. Wait until to goes back up to 1.5 before thinking of going in again. This is very SUPER BEAR counter

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