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Monday, January 17, 2011


Mamee yum yum. I love to eat mamee. Who doesnt?

1) Uptrend- Still Postive
2) HH - Formed higher high at 3.66 and higher low at 3.38
3) MACD - Postive with 4G1R - Precaution for retracement
4) RSI - Trying to break the 70% to show further bull
5) ADX- Signal at high at 33 with negative signal showing some retracement

 Why there is a retracement?

Look at 13 Jan 3 days ago ( Yellow) there was a major take profit continue by small take profit shown in Green Red and Purple, this show that selling interest is getting lower and only sold by small retailers.

In addition, this retracement actually suits the Bull Flag FOrmation rule.. If these rules are meet if will blow up

1) Shoot above 3.62
2) High Volume above 1000lots

If this meet, TP will be at 3.86 (10% Gain) . Good luck

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