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Friday, January 14, 2011


Today Bought Mitra at 1.77 at 150lots and hope it will fly to 2.38 or at least 10%


Today Close at 1.76 and broke up the Flag Channel. Still have to wait for  Monday for further confirmation.

Will cut loss if hits 1.71 (3% loss) from 1.77 . Better control my losses as low as possible because we need to plan this ratio

50% accuracy at least
5 hits with 10% profit
5 losses with 4% losses

In conclusion we aim at least 30% profit in balance which i am trying very hard and need to discipline my self. If i am really good about this, believe can easily find 2K extra pocket money every month which is a nice sum to spend to buy many thing haha but sigh.. now having more and more commitments so need to save and spend wisely hehe..

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