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Monday, January 17, 2011


Another favour for my fellow follower J.Y.Koh

1) Uptrend - Today it touches the critical Uptrend line and grazed slight on top of the 20d Moving Average. If there is a rebound it will be good to accumulate but if break the support at 1.45 better take profit
2) HH - FOrmed higher high at 1.72 and retraced. Need to ensure if does not break the HL at 1.4 if not it will be major downtrend
3) MACD - Showing bearish signal - Retracement
4) RSI - Retracing form previous higher high - Retracement
5) ADX - Signal at 45 with negative signal - Retracement with high volume

Better cut loss if break below 1.45 and continue to accumulate if it rebound higher

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