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Saturday, January 8, 2011



KFC now is forming a BB squeeze because moving Sideways from MACD ( floating at 0) and ADX ( below 25) signal . Now awaiting for BB breakout with high volume when RSI rebound from 30. So have to watchout this counter. Now i have buy at least 2000lot (lot = 100units) at 0.165 for accumulation and will wait for at least 3 months at least. If lucky this KFC will shoot back up to RM 4.1 with strong FA foundation - Profit increase linearly even in Recession Period ( Y2008 and Y2009) as shown below

Expected profit once KFC goes back

KFC                      KFC- CA               Profit
 RM 4.1                   RM 0.25               47 %
RM 4.19                  RM 0.28               64%
RM 4. 33                 RM 0.31               82 %
RM 4.6                    RM 0.36               110%

But have to cut loss if KFC break below the Higher Low of 3.75 !!!

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