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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steel Counters

Lets talk about steel counters why will this sector be interested by everybody. MRT project which is about 36 Billion and roughly this project will required about 10 Billion of material and steel is a part of this important materials. This will certainly be good for the value book of all Steel Counters for this year. MRT project will take place by June 2011 and it will be advisable to accumulate now at low prices before this Steel Counter shoots up 2x or 3x like how Gloves counters shoot up during 2009

Let refer to the Steel Counters combined, it is showing good uptrend with positive technical indicators

And lets refer to the performance of the selected Steel counters and choose which counters are lagging

Masteel - Leading
Lionind  - Leading
Kinsteel - Lagging
Ann Joo - Lagging
CSCsteel - Lagging
Perwaja - Lagging
SSteel - Lagging

So since the whole steel counter trend is positive, let pick up some steel counters which are lagging compare to the counters like Masteel and Lionind which shoot up pretty high lately.. I will update 1 or 2 lagging stocks tonight because i have to go out for my dinner

Stay Tuned... :)

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