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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stock Market and Forex Update based on Economic Calender

Watchout for a week of profit taking

Based on the Economic Calender

China Market / HSI drop badly due to Actual Import / Export did not meet the Forecast Expectation badly

SSE Index

Today we see a black candle and the main support will be at
S1 = 2772 ( 200 ma )

S2 = 2762
S3 = 2722

So until we can know there will be a big good news , i believe there will be a small correction lower than 2722 before bulling again.


Looking at the KLCI, i am worried and there might be a profit taking session this week by following other major countries together. High chances i will offload for chances and wait till it retrace to 1531 and reversal then only ride on the Bull.

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